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Delivery Information

Delivery Saudi Arabia all citys.

Delivery time 1-4 days

Delivery to other countries

Oman: 60AED shipping fee/ box, 2-3days (Full bank account payment)

Saudi Arabia: 150AED shipping fee/ box, 3-6days

Kuwait: 70AED shipping fee/ box, 15days

Bahrarin: 70AED shipping fee/ box, 15days

Will it create Custom duty ?  

If any customs duty fee, it is on customer side
From our side, we would help to decrease goods value on Invoice
To decrease the customs duty 

How about payment?

A.Oman Cash on delivery will be 150AED shipping fee + deposit 500 AED to bank account, the rest of the amount you pay in cash upon receipt, in this case, tax may be added to the amount that you need to pay.
If you make full payment we will have minimal or no tax upon receipt.

B.Oman / Saudi/ Kuwait/Bahrarin
We accept pre-paid (Transfer to my UAE bank account/ or wechat wallet/ or exchange)
If any Commission fee, also customer side 

After all that we will ship
This is the procedure for that